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Tangible Interactions

What do interactions look like?

Tangible Interactions is a provocative motion graphics piece centered around a set of research questions. The questions drive the piece by playing with their symbolic representations. Symbols traditionally used to represent intangible relationships, such as arrows, take on qualities of their tangible counterparts, such as weight.

The first project in the body of work comprising the New Mediators, Tangible Interactions explores the design strategy of deriving tangible forms from intangible concepts. Within the context of complex situations, confusion often arises not from the elements that make up the situation, but the intangible relationships between those elements. By giving form to the relationships, a framework is created. The elements can subsequently be placed within the framework, and their interrelations understood.

The protagonist of the piece is a networked wine bottle, inspired by Bruce Sterling’s Shaping Things. Following the bottle of wine through this short piece, the audience is asked to reconsider their notion of the bottle of wine as an object, from the initial notion of the physical bottle to the expanded notion of the bottle and the sum of all of its relationships, from its relationship to the glass, to its “owner” to the supply chain that produced and transported it, to its life after consumption. By illustrating these relationships as physical extensions from the bottle, Tangible Interactions attempts to apply the same tangibility prescribed to the glass to the intangible relationships branching from it.

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